Finest Barbers are the team around Engels Rodriguez and Joel Blattner. The two award-winning barbers opened their third barbershop in June 2021 on the premises of the legendary Ace Cafe in Rothenburg near Lucerne.

Her barbershop “Zurich’s Finest Barbers” at Stampfenbachstrasse 14 in Zurich has existed since 2017. This barbershop can rightly call itself one of the oldest barbershops in Zurich. Because as early as the 1960s, the men’s hairdresser Robert Rosenberger opened his men’s hairdressing salon at Stampfenbachstrasse 14 in District 1 and already started what can be found today as a barber shop in every larger and smaller town.

In memory of Rober Rosenberger who loved his job and who stood in his shop until his death to give men the perfect cut or the perfect shave, the barbershop in the Ace Cafe in Lucerne was dedicated to Rober Rosenberger.

Engels Rodriguez wanted to express his solidarity and the deep respect he feels for Robert Rosenberger. But also the gratitude that he, Engels Rodriguez, was allowed to take over and continue to run the venerable old shop on Stampfenbachstrasse in Zurich after the death of Robert Rosenberger.

Robert Rosenberger would have been delighted to see what has become of his business and the dedication and passion with which the Finest Barbers men get the perfect cut or the perfect shave today.

Robert Rosenberger 09/03/1934 – 02/15/2017


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An unkempt beard disfigures even handsome men! | A barbershop is a place that men visit to have their hair or beard cut and groomed.

A barber knows how to cut a man’s hair. He is an interesting personality who knows good stories.

Some men say: “You never lived if you never had the experience of a big shave in a barber shop.”

Visiting a barber is a great experience that fathers and their sons should experience. Men need traditions that connect them. Whenever you leave the Barber Shop after a shave and haircut, you feel proud to be a man and enjoy it step by step.

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